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All about Lonzalo's Pizzeria

Lonzalo's name came from a foreman that used to work on the Starkey Ranch. His full name was Lonnie Lonzalo Cannon and was originally from Georgia. He worked very closely with the entire Starkey family and was considered part of the family. He took care of all the cattle and pastures, basically running the whole ranch. He worked with JB Starkey Sr. and JB Starkey Jr. from about 1945 till 1985. He currently lives in North Florida and is around 95 years old.

Scott Cochrane, owner operator manager, works closely with his staff and customers and values his customers as a whole. Scott is making such an impact on the community that he is rapidly earning the respect and appreciation of the entire county. Scott opened Lonzalo's on Valentine's Day of 2009.

Find out what's going on at Lonzalo's and check out our events page.

Restaraunt Hours:

Sunday-Thurs: 11am - 9pm
Friday-Saturday: 11am -10pm

Bar Hours:
Sunday-Tuesday: 11am-11pm
Wednesday-Saturday: 11am -12am